Voice technology is transforming the world around us

The advent of voice technology is a paradigm shift in the way consumers are interacting with new devices. Brands need to completely rethink to have a fresh & zippy voice to dominate this new found voice world


55% of U.S. households will have a voice device by 2022

Voice devices have already created an impact on homes. With applications such as reminders, smart home automation, screenless gaming - Voice has carved a niche for itself in homes across the world.



70% of smart home device owners already shop by voice

The early adopters have adopted voice technology have shown that e-commerce stores need a new strategy to reach out to voice consumers. Voice presence is no longer good to have but a necessity.


30% of all searches will be with voice by 2020

Small screens, clunky typing & more have contributed to the rise of voice searches. Voice searches continue to rise as the accuracy of the results is continuously improving & opening doors for Adtech companies

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